Keri Arelle




Sudarshana Chakra

6"4 of five Interrogator's created during the ][ program. The Brawling Bolt, despite her Null Genesis, has her creation in the Plasma Genesis. Like the C1 Plasma Hero however, Arelle displays Cryo properties, brought on by the process used to reach the heat level required to force DNA to merge with Plasma. Having lost her left arm in her life before the ][ program, Arelle was renewed, exiting the Plasma Tomb with a full functioning Cyber Genesis arm.


Basic Attack:
Image Thunder Grinder – 3m range – 0.2s cooldown – Continuously drills into a single target, dealing 3-6 physical damage each hit. If a single enemy is hit 10 times in succession they become shocked for 2 seconds. This shock effect can only be applied once every 10 seconds to each individual enemy.

Animation: Arelle increases the speed of her drill and then leans into her enemy, pushing the drill into the target.

Unique Ability:
Image Assault Drill – 35m range – 10 second cooldown – Charges through enemies in a straight line, knocking them back and dealing 18-27 physical damage each. At the end of the charge, all enemies within 8m take 28-43 physical damage. Individual enemies can only be knocked back twice.

Animation: Arelle positions her drill in front of her & charges forward. Once at her destination, she slams the drill into the ground & the surrounding area breaks & rotates.

Variant Ability(s):
Image Wail of Metals – 8m range – 12 second cooldown – Grinds drills together for 1 second, creating a screeching sound to be heard by all enemies within 8m, suppressing them for 3 seconds.

Animation: Arelle holds her drills in the air & begins to grind them. Sparks fly as a large shockwave of air blasts from them.

Image Unstable Vision – 3m range – 14 second cooldown – Roots the target in place by clamping them down. After 1 second, electrical fires explode out of Arelle’s face, dealing 20-38 energy damage upfront, as well as 32 energy damage over 4 seconds.

Animation: Arelle holds out her drill on the target & the target acts as if shocked. A second later torrents of blue fires burst from her face.

Image Underminer – 6m range – 15 second cooldown – Tunnels underground, concealing almost entirely from view. After 3 seconds, un-burrows, knocking back and dealing 21-36 physical damage to all enemies within 6m. The attack is undodgable and will always crit enemies within 3m. While underground, Arelle is immune to damage and is unable to attack or use abilities.

Animation: Arelle plunges her drill into the ground & slides down into the ground after it. While beneath the surface, cracks appear on the ground where she is. As she bursts from the ground, shards of it fly upwards as she appears drill first, then lands on her feet.

Image Fireshock – 6m range – 14 second cooldown – Converts energy from lightning into chains of plasma. Each second, for 4.5 seconds, a chain attaches itself to an enemy within 6m and deals 5 energy damage per second. After the 4 seconds are up, all connected enemies take 12-22 energy damage times the number of current connections. If a connected enemy moves more than 8m away from Arelle, the chain breaks.

Animation: Points drill to the sky and is struck by flaming lightning. Tentacles of plasma float in the air attached to Arelle’s body. The other end of each tentacle attaches to an enemy.

Squad Ability:
Image Mole Construct – 15 second cooldown – channelled – Constructs a drilling robot Mole pet, over a period of 2 seconds. Each Mole rapidly deals 1-2 physical damage to a single enemy in melee range. Up to 3 Moles can be alive at once. Using the ability on a damaged Mole will instead heal it to full health at twice the speed of constructing a new one and at half the cooldown.

Animation: Arelle fiddles with something between her drills with her normal hand while channeling. The Mole Constructs that are generated are cylinders on treads with a long spiked drill on one end & a small rocket exhaust on the other. What colours they consist of are random.

Passive Ability:
Image Grease Monkey – Increases Arelle’s movement speed by 18% and gives her a 25% chance to be immune to control impairing status effects. Any hits dealt by Arelle’s Mole pets on the same target that she is currently attacking, will count towards the 10 hits in order to shock the target.

Animation: None

Arrelle The Brawling Bolt