Gorrigan was this, gorrigan was that, they all lived happily ever after, the end. (basic info here)
Gorrigan The Grimdark Paladin


Basic Attack:
Image Violent Jab – 6m range – 1s cooldown – Piercing melee attack that deals 12-24 physical damage to up to 2 enemies in a forward line. When attacking enemies with damage resistance, x% of the resistance will be ignored by this attack.

Animation: Slow, but powerful stab with his lance that pierces a single enemy.

Unique Ability:
Image Soul Shackle – 8m range – 10 second cooldown – Links a single enemy for 4 seconds, causing 50% of all damage dealt to the original target, being dealt to up to 5 enemies within 5m of the target, regardless of their location after activation.

Animation: Red chain debuff icon appears above the target’s head, the affected enemies have smaller, greyscale chains.

Variant Ability(s):
ImagePower Leak – 20 second cooldown – For 4 seconds, Gorrigan’s dodge and resist chances are increased up to 50% chance and his damage is increased by 50%.

Animation: Grows in size and begins pulsing red.

ImageDeal of the Devil – 3m range – 16s cooldown – Causes Gorrigan and the target to swap basic attack cooldowns for 4 seconds; ignoring any current buffs and debuffs altering attack speed.

Animation: Blue SRS flak attack speed modifier effect on Gorrigan, Red upside down SRS flak attack speed modifier effect on the target.

ImageCoward’s Sentence – 30m range – 10s cd – Throws his lance, like a javelin, with unerving accuracy. Dealing up to 50 physical damage and dealing more damage to enemies further away, maxing out at 25m. The projectile will deal 50% additional damage if it hits the target in the back. In addition, the lance projectile will be granted homing properties once it is within 6m of the target.

Animation: Throws the lance at his target, black streaks follow the javelin as it flies rapidly through the air. After throwing it, Gorrigan creates another one. Its form grows from black and then changes to colour and texture.

ImageDark Singularity – 5m range – 15 second cooldown – Charges up for 2 seconds. After 1 second of charging, pulls in all enemies within 15m. After 2 seconds, deals 44-55 energy damage to all enemies within 5m.

Animation: Thrusts the bottom of his lance into the ground then stands there charging energy. After one second, the intensity of the energy increases dramatically as enemies are pulled inward. After he is fully charged, he releases it in a swirling torrent of energy.

Squad Ability:
ImageFury of the Rift – 20m range – 18 second cooldown – Expells 7 demonic spirits which randomly target and home in on a single enemy each. Dealing 12-25 damage each and inflicting Terror and Haste for 3 seconds. The spirits will last for 4 seconds around Gorrigan’s body if they have no target.

Animation: Ghostly spirits fly around Gorrigan and then fly towards enemies.

Passive Ability:
ImageUnbridled Forces – Every 8 seconds, Gorrigan will release a shockwave that knocks back all enemies within 3m.

Animation: A shockwave ripples across the floor around Gorrigan.


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