Saix was this, Saix was that, Gorrigan killed everyone, the end. (basic info here)
Gorrigan The Grimdark Paladin


Basic Attack:
Image Blade Waves – 30m range – 0.6s cooldown
Throws piercing blades of energy that deal 5-8 energy damage as they pass through enemies. After reaching 30m, the blades reverse in direction, homing in on Saix’s current position, but only travelling a maximum of 30m in this direction before disintegrating.

Animation: More powerful wing beat with one of his wings, in a throwing motion.

Unique Ability:
Image Solar Beam – 35m range – 16s cooldown
Piercing beam of sunlight that deals 34-51 energy damage to all enemies in a line as well as blinding all enemies hit for 3 seconds and giving them a 30% energy vulnerability which lasts 8 seconds.

Animation: Far too much bloom effect in a beam across the screen.
Blindness: Screen goes white and any currently tracked targets are lost (UI still remains).

Variant Abilities:
Image Osseous Uproot – 15m range – 18s cooldown
Pulls thorn covered bones up from the ground in a 15m line in the direction of the target point for 10 seconds. While enemies are caught in it, their movement speed is reduced by 75% and any melee attacks used by enemies will also hit the thorns, returning 50% of the damage dealt.

Animation: Bones are pushed up from the ground by vines, which then lay themselves over the bones. There is barely enough room between the vines and bones for movement.

Image Ring of Roses – 8m range – 14s cooldown
Constantly grows a ring of thorny roses around Saix, dealing 6 physical damage and healing 8 health per second for 7 seconds. The ring follows Saix as he moves.

Animation: Large roses with big thorns grow out of the ground around, the roses and thorns move with each ‘tick’ of the damage and healing.

Image Undercut – 30m range – 10s cooldown
Throws a faster, more powerful blade wave along the ground, tripping and dealing 22-34 energy damage to all enemies hit. Upon reaching 30m, the blade wave returns to Saix through the air at blazing speed, guaranteeing a critical hit on any affected targets.

Animation: Puts much more body weight into the throw and gets lower to the ground, the blade wave is larger and faster (movement and rpm). When returning, it leaves a trail of particle effects in the air and moves even faster.
Tripped: Similar effect to knockback/up, except the enemy doesn’t move from the spot they were on (briefly disables control).

Image Defiling Breath – 6m range – 16s cooldown
Expels a vile breath of acid, disease and poison in a 6m frontal cone. Instantly dealing 13-24 energy damage and poisoning affected enemies for 36 energy damage over 6 seconds as well as giving them a spreading disease which deals 28 energy damage over 8 seconds.

Animation: Orcus/Corruptor style disease breath but with more liquid effects (acid).

Squad Ability:
Image Nature's Echo – 30m range – 16s cooldown
Creates thick roots around all enemies within 6m for 7 seconds, which root the enemies in place and secrete poison into them, dealing 6 energy damage per second.

Animation: Very thick and large roots grow around the enemies, crushing them in the process.

Passive Ability:
Image From Death To Life
Enemies within 6m deal 20% less damage; however, Saix deals 10% less damage to them in the process.

Animation: Green ripples move outward from Saix, followed by orange ripples returning to him. The green ripples fade after reaching 6m and the orange ones start at 6m.


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