Thorne was this, Thorne was that, HEADSHOT, the end. (basic info here)
Gorrigan The Grimdark Paladin


Basic Attack:
Image Sniper Bolt – 35m range – 0.9s cooldown
Fires a very fast sniper round at a single target, dealing 11-17 physical damage.

Animation: Eye level to the scope as she fires. Produces a faint tracer when fired.

Unique Ability:
Image Vanish – 20m range – 12s cooldown – Instant
Shoots a teleporter beacon at the target point and detonates explosives in a 5m radius around her. Dealing 25-35 energy damage to all enemies within 5m and then teleporting to the beacon.

Animation: The explosion creates a lot of smoke which is hard to see through, imitating the effects of a smoke bomb. The teleporter beacon is a small, circular, flashing device.

Variant Abilities:
Image Mark of the Hunted – 35m range – 14s cooldown – Instant
Shoots the target with a biochemical payload, lowering their defences to the point that they take 15% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds.

Animation: Green particle effects follow the tracer and the ‘weakened’ debuff shows above the target’s head.

Image Tangle Wire – 3m range – 12s cooldown – Instant
Lays a trap of razor wire which springs up if an enemy steps on it, preventing them from moving and dealing 6 physical damage per second for 4 seconds. Up to two Tangle Wires can exist at one time.

Animation: Very faint dot in the centre of the trap visible to enemies. Coils of tangled razor wire sticking out of the ground visible to allies.

Image Patience – 13s cooldown – Channeled
Thorne waits patiently for 1 second until the right time to strike, preparing her body for when she does, expelling any negative effects and preventing her from gaining any for 4 seconds.

Animation: Remains stationary with eyes closed. Holds rifle pointing upwards and breathes heavily.

Image Between the Eyes – 25m range – 20s cooldown – Instant
Taunts a single enemy with a skill shot, dealing 10-16 physical damage followed by a very powerful and precise shot dealing 24-38 physical damage. The shot stuns the target for 1 second, is un-dodgable and has a 100% critical chance.

Animation: Trick shot over the shoulder followed by a very powerful shot that sends Thorne’s body and the head of the target backwards slightly. If an enemy is killed by this attack a special ‘headshot’ death animation will play, varying on a per hero basis.

Squad Ability:
Image RLAP Assault Mech – 20s cooldown – Instant
Airdrops an RLAP (Rotating Laser Anti-Personnel) Assault Mech at Thorne’s location, which will follow her, and attack enemies a maximum of 25m away with piercing laser fire, with a 2 second cooldown between attacks. Using this ability again while the RLAP is still alive will charge it up, buffing the damage of all allies within 8m by 15% for 10 seconds.

Animation: A slightly-smaller-than-Elite Raytheoid-sized attack walker with forest camo where its right arm ends in a four barrelled rotating laser cannon. After each shot is fired, that individual barrel glows red hot and the cannon rotates barrel.

Passive Ability:
Image Optic Camouflage
Thorne is not able to be seen by enemies 30m or further away from her.

Animation: Permanent cloak effect, but much more transparent than the normal one. Enemies see her go completely invisible when she moves 30+m away from her.


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